Top 10 Fashion Shopping Tips

1: Most people will probably head straight for the designer rails so beat the rush and make a beeline for the best of the high street- as always you can get so much more for your money (or tokens!)

2: Don’t panic and think carefully about what you need. A bargain that you only wear once is not good value! Go for basics that won’t date e.g. A check shirt, boyfriend blazer or even a LBD

3: For trying on, always wear clothing that’s easy to slip on and off, boots and a jumper dress are perfect (like Lilly!), there’s nothing worse than trying to navigate a pair of skinnies!

4: A girl can never have too many accessories, make a beeline for the bags, belts and vintage look scarves, they’ll go a long way – true fashion multi taskers!

5: Get set for a proper rummage! Always keep an open mind, swapping is a great time to try a new look you wouldn’t usually pay for and you can be experimental without denting your bank balance.

6: Look out for anything parachute silk- trousers, jumpsuits and utility style dresses are all key for springs grown up sporty look. Suede fringed accessories are also worth grabbing hold of.

7: Look out for spring/summer’s biggest colours – tangerine and bright blue – you can re-work pieces from this season. And have patience! Finding what you’re after takes time, but it’ll be worth it!

8: A classic designer piece will last you a lifetime – avoid faddish trends and watch out for luxe fabrics like leather, silk and cashmere. Keep you’re eye out for good basics that never date.

9: Now’s the time to snap up some bargains for Spring. Head for oriental prints as seen on the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk, candy colours and all things ’80s and you’ll be a step ahead.

10: Go armed with a belt – the best accessory for nipping in cardies, frocks, jumpsuits or tops to totally transform them and also you’ll be able to be slightly flexible with sizes.

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The Top 7 Men’s Fashion Shops in the UK

The top 7 online stores for men’s fashion and clothing have been chosen based on many different aspects. These include product range, brand profile, customer service, the general look and feel of the site and the price point of its clothing. – This Manchester based store is one of the best independent mens retailers in the country with a massive fashion following. Oipolloi stock brands such as Acne jeans, Apc clothing, Barbour, YMC, Superga, Fred Perry, Trickers, Stone Island, Belstaff, Converse, Clarks, Folk and many more. Oipolloi has an online store which runs along side its Manchester boutique – ASOS has become one of the biggest online retailers in the Uk, it has seen a huge amount of growth in the last 5 years and has completely re-shaped its image since its launch. ASOS stocks both designer clothing brands and also its own collections which are fashion led pieces. The website also uses celebrity style to back up their own massive range of products. ASOS stocks brands such as Acne, Quoddy, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Unconditional, Ymc clothing and many more.
My Wardrobe – The My wardrobe websites has undergone some recent updates, and having been predominantly a ladies boutique when it launched it has seen strong growth since its started training. The My Wardrobe online store now sells a selection of mens clothing. The mens clothing launched a few seasons ago and is also growing, with more brands being added all the time. My Wardrobe stocks Apc clothing, Raf Simons, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, John Smedley and Grenson shoes.
Coggles – Another great independent online retailer with a massive selection of top mens and womens designer brands. Coggles has won numerous awards over the years for it excellent customer service and quality of brand profile.The Coggles website has a unique search option which allows customers to browse collections and styles of clothing quickly and easily.
Dogfish – Dogfish has stores in Norwich and Cambridge and stocks brands such as Folk clothing, Nudie jeans, Nike, Ymc clothing and many more denim brands. It has a great reputation as being one of the best places to shop in the East of England.
Topman – If you’re looking for high fashion items at cheap prices then Topman is the place to shop with a massive selection of mens clothing and footwear. There are stores in all the major cities in the UK and more opening in the US.
Kiosk 78 – This store is based in Leeds and is a relatively new kid on the block, the store launched 2 years ago and has quickly become a firm favourite for mens fashion followers. Kiosk 78 stocks Apc clothing, Folk clothing, Nom De Guerre, and Shofolk.
Laundryroom showcases the very best mens fashion [] and womens fashion from the top online designer boutiques. The Laundryroom websites acts as a platform to browse lots of different boutiques from the one website.

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Fashion Shop – How To Find The Best Store For Your Fashion Purchases

Are you curious about revamping your appearance, at least in terms of your style? If you are, you most likely want to shop for new clothes or style accessories. If you attempt to follow the latest changes in fashion trends, you most likely contemplate finding a well-known and fashionable style store to shop at, as they sometimes have the foremost necessary selection of garments and clothing accessories for prime fashion of these days.

When it involves finding a fashion store to shop at, you have a wide range of options. One of those options involves walking right all the way down to your native mall. Malls are a nice place to find a number of well-known and widespread fashion stores. While many very little malls do have some nice vogue stores to shop at, you’ll find a larger choice of fashion stores by visiting a larger mall. Larger shopping malls are commonly found in giant cities or in fashion vacation destinations.

In addition, you’ll want to consider asking folks who you are familiar with for some recommendations. This works best if you see your friend wearing a piece of clothing, like a dress or a business suit, that you want to have for yourself. So all you have to do is just ask your friend for the shop she got the item. You can also inquire your friend about her impressions about the shop and whether or not she enjoy shopping there. If she likes and if you prefer her fashion and style, there’s a high chance that you will like the design store. If you have never heard about the style store being recommended to you before, you will need to find out the placement of the shop to begin shopping.

Another opportunity you might go for in terms of finding a nice fashion store to shop at is simply by keeping your eyes wide open. As previously mentioned, many vogue stores are located inside malls, however not always. Many fashion stores are standalone stores. For that reason,whether you are shopping for foodstuffs or just driving home from work, keep your eyes open not to miss your opportunity to find your fashion store. Many of the people who end up finding their favorite fashion stores merely happen to do it by chance.

The web is another way you can go for in terms of finding data on a regionally based style store. Many firms, along with vogue stores, have their on-line websites. You will also be able to use business directories, as several link to the business’s on-line website.

In terms of using the internet to find info on a local fashion store, you’ll also find an on-line style store. By performing a standard internet search using phrases like “women’s clothing”, “vogue store” and similar, you will be directed to the online websites of multiple on-line style stores.You should customize your search by including the specific items you want and are looking for, like men business suits or women lingerie. This will narrow the search results to facilitate the reach of your aims.

As you see, there is a great variety of numerous ways for you to choose from to find your perfect fashion store. You just need to be persistent and creative.

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Online Fashion Shopping Tips

While you are taking your measurements also make some notes about your body shape and attributes. Some basic notes a fashion stylist would care about from head down are:

- Do you have a short thick neck or a long thin one?
- Do you have narrow sloping shoulders or wide square shoulders?
- Large or small bust?
- A narrow or wide waist?
- Big or small hips?
- Do you have thick calves?

Try to shop to highlight your good points and weaken your negative areas.

- Avoid high necklines that will visually deduct your appearance if you have short thick necks. Instead, V or scooped necklines will give you the right length.

- Long thin necks can be neutralized by high necklines.

- Avoid halter necklines if you get narrow sloping shoulders, which will only highlight your posture.

- Highlight your straight posture with all the strapless styles. You will have hips narrower than your bust, which means you should look for pants, shorts and dresses that have designs around the hip.

- Make the hip area bigger by selecting light or bright colors, patterns and gathers for small hips. As for large hips, reduce the area by selecting dark colors, small and intricate patterns only.

- Select hem lengths reasonably for shapeless thick calves. It is important not to make skirts, dresses or trousers sit at the widest point of your calf.

At last you can consider the color. Some of us are warm based while some are cool. Pink toned people are commonly cool and peachy toned people warm. Knowing what color you are best in can save you a lot of trouble. Some of the colors such as warm pink, earthy red, teal green, chocolate, purple and medium grey are colors that we can all wear safely. There are many things you should consider in the process of selecting your styles.

If you possess unusual features, like short legs, a long torso or a strong sharp angular face a fashion stylist can make a list for you based on elements of your body shape proportions. From which you will be able to buy what would work for you. A good style solution program will offer you all the illustrations you need to comfortably buy Abercrombie and Fitch sale online and give you a panoramic view of your body. So all you need to do is follow the proposals of your body shape proportions and check them against your purchase.

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